ting people and planet

“Our primary goal is to create safety”


The solutions developed by Kongsberg Gruppen might not sound like something that concerns you and me in our everyday lives.
However, at their core, they're about something very understandable.

Keeping people safe, and the planet more sustainable.


Journalist: Siri Skaustein
Photo: Kongsberg Gruppen | Shutterstock

For more than 200 years, Kongsberg Gruppen has combined industrial experience with technology and entrepreneurial spirit. Alone, and in partnership with others, they handle issues that require world-class innovation, quality, and precision. Today, this is more important than ever.

“We are facing a climate and environmental crisis, a food crisis, and a war in Ukraine. The war in Ukraine is an ongoing crisis, both for the people directly involved, and for Europe and the world at large. In collaboration with NATO and Norwegian authorities, we contribute with technology and defence materials that protect those affected by the war,” says Geir Håøy, CEO of Kongsberg Gruppen.

But Kongsberg Gruppen does much more than contribute with defence equipment. The technology and products developed, in areas such as energy, maritime, space and aquaculture, help to make the planet more sustainable.

“Our solutions reduce fossil fuel emissions in shipping, and we help monitor fish stocks to help the fishing industry to operate more in harmony with nature. Through space exploration we can monitor illegal fishing and deforestation. We also have unique expertise in sea installations and we lead the green shift with pioneering projects in offshore wind and autonomous shipping. All these contributions are crucial to reach the UN's climate goals.

Making the blue planet greener

Kongsberg Gruppens technology and products can be found both at the bottom of the sea and in space – and everywhere in between. A constant eye for new areas of opportunity has led to a position as a world leader in space technology, with a wide range of satellite equipment, systems, and solutions to care for life on Earth.

Securing opportunity spaces
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Geir Håøy, CEO of Kongsberg Gruppen

"The overview of opportunities and challenges that lie beneath and ahead of us keeps getting better. We are constantly on the lookout for innovations that will help steer the world in the right direction." 

Collaboration, openness, and exchange of ideas are core values at Kongsberg Gruppen. Close and effective cooperation with nations, industries, academia, and local communities brings results. Ground-breaking technology is tested and developed, challenges are explored, and solutions are presented. And it's all connected to our everyday lives.

Climate for collaboration
"Everything we do is about creating safety. It's all about protecting people and the planet."
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